Malindo Air Career Opportunity

Malindo Air Career Opportunity

For a new coming low cost airlines, Malindo Air has open many job opportunities to Malaysians, and below are some of the openings:

  • Head of Maintenance & Engineering
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Maintenance Manager
  • Maintenance Support Manager
  • Experienced Engineer
  • Head of Flight Operation
  • Fleet Manager (B737 or ATR72)
  • Flight Attendant Manager
  • Operation Control Manager
  • Manager Quality, Training and Standard
  • Head of Safety, Security and Quality
  • Ab-intio Pilot
  • Cabin Crew
  • Head of Finance
  • Head of IT

For minimum requirements, more info and application, please visit: Malindo Air Career

32 comments on “Malindo Air Career Opportunity

  1. Looks promising.. will try to get a job there

  2. Hi there….
    Would love to apply as a trainer or instructor…..


  3. Hi there..

    Would live to apply as an instructor or trainer.
    Has experience as cqbin crew, part time trainer and curently as a trainer in training and talent development, human resources….ome of the pioneer team.


  4. Gary Ngai Yong Kong on said:

    Would like to apply for a job in your schedule

    planning department .

  5. Gary Ngai Yong Kong on said:

    All the best to Malindo airways , on yr launching of new sevice in Malaysia ,

  6. noorhayati ibrahim on said:

    i missed interview for customer service agent.i immedietly apply through online on 05/03/2013.really interested that job.therefore i was an experience 6 yrs in customer service agent.previously i work with KLAS.still i have a chance to join malindo CSA???

  7. noorhayati ibrahim on said:

    in future please inform me when the next interview for maindo csa…thnks

  8. Mohd Hazrain bin shari on said:

    How to apply as a cabin crew or any related work in Malindo air? I amrealy intrested working there.where can i get this appprtunity?

  9. lynn kch on said:

    As salam. Im intrested to apply for any post in kuching. Would greatly appreciate any information should any post materialise. Regards.

  10. Awang Omar on said:

    Interested to work in your airline. Can’t connect to Malindo Air Career. Is there any other link or address to forward my application?

  11. Hi, how do I go about in applying as a trainer in Malindo? I have experience as a cabin crew for 13 years and also as a part time trainer. Would love to be a instructor in inflight services or the grooming. Thank you.

  12. Syed Riaz on said:

    I am an experienced travel industry professional. I have a rich experience of setting up new airline stations and managing foreign stations. I have a total of 20+ years experience of working in travel industry including foreign postings. I have worked for travel agencies, GSAs and Airlines from the beginners level up to the position of General Manager for Gulf for a Pakistan based airline. Please let me know if you have any suitable position where I can make my contribution in growth of your airline. Currently I live in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

  13. Linda on said:

    Good day. I would like to know how I could apply for any position at ticketing or admin at Malindo Air?
    However, looking foward to work in your airline. I can’t go through to connect to Malindo Air Career.
    Please feedback.

  14. Hi, I would like to work with Malindo Air. Is there any vacant position in Cabin Crew Department, as Administrator or Training instructor and /or Customer Service Dept. I used to work with MAS as Cabin Crew for 5 years, and now doing part time trainer for those who aspires to be cabin crew.
    Thank you and warmest regards

  15. fitri minovia@putri on said:

    hi, my fitri minovia@ putri i wonder how i want to apply malindo air. coz i interested wanna join malindo . coz my mom indian malaysia n my dad is indonesia.. my frends since i small call me p-rincess malindo when i join klass i heard malindo air since that i try to apply n wanna work with malindo

  16. Thana Lakshmi on said:

    Hi,i’m interested to work as a customer services agent and i have experience of 7years in SATS at Changi Airport, S’pore.i browse malindo air career opportunity but unable to see any vacancy as CSA.plse advise, thank you.

  17. Sethupathy Muniandy on said:

    I am studied for Airlines Industrie (Ground and Air Services). Currently attached with nan bank multinational company. Looking for job that suites my education. Would like to apply for cabin crew or ticketing or ground agent. Aviation is my dream job and I want to be part of the wings.

  18. soumendra nath bagchi on said:


  19. Michelle Ting Kang Wen on said:

    Hi.i would like to apply for finance or account job in kota kinabalu.i have more than 5 years audit experience.any financr or account job available?

  20. Pramananthan A/L R. Sandra Sekgran on said:

    i have experience working as CSA under MAS 4 years in KLIA.. i do have certified World Tracer certificate in baggage mishandling.. i would like to apply for CSA in ur airline. appreciate to adv the link to forward my resume for ur perusal… tq

  21. rosman bin yusup on said:

    Interested with malindo air.. experience in aviation about 23 yrs with as aircraft technician and engineer. Hv experience in management and flight safety. Any opportunity for me sir. Can join anytime

  22. Mohd Ridzuan bin Ab Rahim on said:

    Interested to join as Quality Assurance under ICT team. Experience in airlines company for 2 years. Appreciate if there is any opportunity.
    Thank you

  23. rosman bin yusup on said:

    Interested as safety officer manager.
    Experience in flight safety approx 16 years.

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